Wrath of the Righteous

Session 3, Part 1 - Assault on the Gray Garrison

After taking a much-needed break the party regrouped and started debating the merits of moving to support the survivors at Horgus’ Manor with either a small group with just enough horses to arrive before the enemy and set up a defense or a larger group which wouldn’t arrive fast enough to intercept the enemy but would be more of a match for the expected enemy numbers. Soon enough the party decided to go with a larger group consisting of Magni, Ranes, Percival, Guinevere, Lysander, Jorvic (or was it Barvil? Idk), Etrigg, Braghad, Symont, and one squire.

When the group arrived the enemy had already laid siege to Horgus’ Manor but had not yet found a way into the safe where the survivors (Horgus, Anevia, Aravashniel, Finghal, and Sigrid) were holed up. The battle began when they were spotted rounding the block by a woman commanding a makeshift archer’s nest. She managed to place a totem spell down before the archers opened fire, dealing minor damage to the party’s front line. The group didn’t waste time moving forward to deal with the immediate threat though. Despite Braghad going unconscious almost immediately Magni was able to go toe-to-toe with the glaive-wielding leader and between Etrigg and himself she was forced to retreat into the manor. Once she was nearly to the building the cultists’ demons sprung into action – a babau demon teleported into the middle of the party’s back line (Lysander, Percival, and the Squire) to cause havoc while a pair of dretches dropped stinking clouds to divide the two groups. At about this time the group heard an explosion from inside the manor.

Ranes fell back to take down the babau while Magni, Jorvic/Barvil (dang dwarven fathers mixing up my memory), and Etrigg pushed forward. Magni and Etrigg took down one of the cultists’ commanders within seconds while navigating the ruined wall’s rubble. Percival took a few arrows from archers inside the manor and went down, but Lysander covered him by blinding the archers with a Light spell. Ranes buffed his scimitar and waded into melee with the babau but was having a hard time until Symont and Guinevere started landing hits and flanking.

During this time a half-orc cultist of Xoveron named Vagorg had utilized an alchemist’s bomb to blast open the door and started using his superior reach to attack his target, Anevia. Sigrid, Horgus, and Anevia were unable to slow him down and he managed to knock her unconscious – ironically it was the fall from the rafters that killed her. At the same time a pair of cultists managed to land lucky shots on Finghal who died from his wounds. What Vagorg didn’t know was that Horgus dabbled in healing magic, but unfortunately he was only able to reach one of them in time – forced to choose between a pair of dead thieves he decided to revive Anevia (he hasn’t explained his reasoning as nobody has asked). After this Sigrid landed a lucky blow on the half-orc, killing him immediately, then stepped into the doorway to block any arrows from killing the revived Anevia before throwing her greatsword at a cultist and impaling him through the chest. The rest decided it was high time to say “Fuck the Kingsguard. Fuck the city. Fuck the king.” and ran away.

After cleaning up the rest of the cultists and demons Magni and Etrigg captured the cultist Hosilla, deciding to bring her in for questioning (so of course Etrigg punched her out). After binding her and waking her back up she told them about her job commanding cultist spies within the city while working for Staunton Vhane (-Magni gets a hateboner-) but refused to diverge the full extent of her knowledge until she was brought back to Defender’s Heart. The group managed to return without any incidents.



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