Wrath of the Righteous

Session 3, Part 2 - Assault on the Gray Garrison

After waking up Magni met back up with Quednys, Irabeth, and Volrik to discuss strategies. Quednys informed him that the garrison was usually heavily guarded, and that a frontal assault would just cause their soldiers at outposts to fall back into defensive positions and wait out the attack. He and Volrik agreed that the best possible method of ensuring a victory was to assault their outposts across the city in force, leaving the Defender’s Heart with a skeleton crew. This would prompt the cultists to do one of two things – defend their outposts, or amass for a full-scale attack on the inn. Either way there would be less enemies remaining at the garrison, and a small team of soldiers could sneak behind enemy lines and strike a decisive blow for the crusaders. And who better to do that than Magni and the other three survivors who’d been performing so admirably thus far? Irabeth then spoke up, offering her sword and shield to the attack – she’d been waiting for an opportunity to strike back and wasn’t about to miss it.

After preparations and various roleplay scenarios that I don’t remember at this point the group set out for the Gray Garrison. Upon arrival they fought a couple demons wearing the bodies of Hulrun and a man named Kandro Nyserian (a rich noble who’d purchased Irabeth’s sword with a loan from Horgus). The group quickly cut them down and at Percival’s recommendation to use stealth to catch the enemy by surprise they kicked down the door and started screaming like a rabid soccer fan in the UK. They were quickly swarmed by all manner of Tieflings, Dretches, Abrikandlu, and other demons. The fight took almost an entire minute, but they eventually slayed each foe. During their room searches they located a desecrated shrine to Iomedae, a hidden stash of weapons and armor, and a labora- BOOM.

The party then made their way upstairs where they were ambushed by a number of crusaders wielding glaives, scythes, and crossbows, a Tiefling alchemist, a Schir, three Fiendish Flies, and a flying Stantler ([url=http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Stantler_(Pok%C3%A9mon)]see here[/url]. The party initially encountered the melee-weapon cultists who positioned themselves by the door to prevent an easy entry while tossing blast after blast of negative energy their way. The noise alerted the remaining residents of the floor, who opened their rooms and charged to surround the party. Irabeth and Raines managed to hold the front line while Guinevere pulled back to avoid certain death. Magni entered the death trap room and started clearing it out while Percival used his mental manipulation to turn the flies against the rest of their enemies. Once everyone was in a more defensible position the tide turned against the cultists, and it wasn’t long before the alchemist attempted to flee from a secret exit. Magni wasn’t having that shit though, and pincushioned him with his reserve longbow.

They searched the floor and located maps of the cultist movements which would later prove vital to the location of their final safehouse – only one unopened door remained. Magni was able to determine that a number of weak evil-aligned beings resided inside, so the group readied their weapons and opened the door. What they saw was nothing the week’s prior events could prepare them for – a scrying pool filled with blood and organs, surrounded by zombified corpses of crusaders, civilians, and most shockingly Ranes’ brother Dworis. Ranes channeled to injure the zombies but couldn’t face his brother. Magni did him in with a couple hits from his warhammer (surprisingly it took more than one), then turned to comfort his fellow dwarf.

After getting a grip on things once more the group continued moving onto the third floor, immediately coming across and slaughtering a half-fiend minotaur as if it were nothing when similar adventurers in different universes would have trembled at its awesome might (I would know, I was there). Upon opening the door the group was surprised by an oracle of Deskari named Jeslyn who attempted to nauseate the group with her magic but was swiftly put on the defensive by Magni. Meanwhile Guinevere teleported to the other side of the Wardstone fragment and started trying to activate the Rod of Absorption to destroy it, but failed on her initial attempt. Before she could try again Jeslyn managed to press some kind of dark crystal up to it, and as the Rod started draining the Wardstone’s magic something seeped into the fragment from her crystal-BOOM (yes, again).

The Wardstone started rapidly seeping energy which stunned everyone save for Irabeth, granting them visions of the Wardstone’s creation, Hulrun’s first Witch Hunt, Korramzadeh’s failed attempt to destroy it, Irabeth and Magni’s confrontation with the traitor Staunton Vhane, and finally a future where it had successfully been corrupted, culminating in a pulse of energy which immediately transformed the crusaders along the barrier into demons and fiendish beings. After this they awoke to Irabeth’s worried questions, but no sooner than they awoke did the witch Areelu Vorlesh appear, threatening to right the wrongs of her useless subordinates. Irabeth charged her but with a wave she was lifted into the air and started suffocating. The other four weren’t affected by her spell, much to her confusion, before she realized that the Wardstone’s power was still protecting them from her. But it wouldn’t protect them from her soldiers.

Vorlesh opened a rift and three Vrocks came through before the Wardstone pulsed once more, tearing her projected image to pieces and slamming the portal shut. Irabeth fell to the ground unconscious as the group was filled with holy power, and with this power they slew the vrocks easily.



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