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Mythic Heroes – There are two types of progression for mythic characters, Tier Progression and Path Progression. Every character’s Tier advances in the same manner, but Paths vary greatly. This page has the Tier info.

Archmage – The arcane casting path.

Champion – The martial path focused on damage.

Guardian – The defensive path.

Hierophant – The divine casting path.

Marshal – The buffing path (like bards and shit).

Trickster – The skilled path.

Mythic Feats – You gain one Mythic Feat at every odd Tier. You must possess the non-mythic feat before you can take its mythic counterpart, with the exception of feats specific to mythic characters such as Ascendant Spell and Dual Path.

Mythic Magic – By taking a feat you can gain a number of mythic spells which can be cast with spell slots and by spending mythic power. Originally you never gained mythic spells without taking the feat, but this is being altered – any character that possesses spells gains one mythic spell per tier in addition to those gained with feats.

Mythic Items – You will encounter numerous items of mythic power during the campaign. Most of the items in this page will turn up in the campaign at some point, but I can’t stop you from checking the SRD and they’re with the rest of the mythic shit anyway. so w/e.

Main Page

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